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Enhance your company’s technological prowess by recruiting our team of skilled AI engineers, well-versed in cutting-edge frameworks such as PyTorch, TensorFlow, and Caffe. Our engineers possess extensive expertise in a wide range of AI technologies, including Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Data Mining, Analytics, and Visualization. With a strong focus on user-centricity and data-driven approaches, they craft innovative AI solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

Why Hire AI Engineers from Bluetris?

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Proficient in Probability and Statistics

Bring onboard AI engineers from Bluetris, who excel in Probability and Statistics. They possess the expertise to develop robust AI models such as Hidden Markov, Naive Bayes, and Gaussian Mixture. Additionally, they ensure the seamless performance of these models by implementing model evaluation criteria through the use of advanced statistical methods.

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Expertise in Programming Languages

Our AI developers have strong proficiency in various programming languages, including Python, C++, R, Java, and more. They leverage their coding expertise to construct intricate AI algorithms, expedite the coding process, and effectively implement statistical models and visualizations such as plots, mappers, and reducers

Machine Learning Development

Expertise in AI Models

Our AI engineers possess a high level of proficiency in machine learning algorithms and techniques necessary for creating resilient AI models. Their vast experience includes training, testing, and deploying these models using a variety of machine learning frameworks and libraries, all of which contribute to the successful completion of your project.

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Knowledgeable in Data Engineering Methods

Our AI developers utilize a range of tools such as AWS S3, AWS Redshift, Power BI, Tableau, and Open CV to construct ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) pipelines. These pipelines are designed to efficiently process, cleanse, and store data, making it readily available for other applications such as analytics and predictive modeling.

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Conversant in Advanced Signal-processing Techniques

Our AI developers possess an in-depth comprehension of intricate signal processing methods, which encompasses bandlets, wavelets, curvelets, shearlets, and contourlets. They also possess a solid grasp of fundamental concepts like Convolution, Fourier Analysis, and time-frequency analysis. Leveraging this expertise, they craft projects that effectively address real-world challenges and provide solutions with remarkable precision.

AI Models We have Expertise in



A collection of OpenAI models that possess the ability to execute various natural language processing tasks, including text generation, summarization, translation, and question answering.

GPT 3.5

GPT 3.5

An assortment of OpenAI models, including the advance and cost-efficient Gpt-3.5-turbo, which surpasses the capabilities of GPT-3 and excels in generating both text and code.



A collection of OpenAI models renowned for their exceptional problem-solving abilities, achieved through advanced reasoning capabilities and a vast breadth of general knowledge, resulting in high levels of accuracy.

Google Bard


Bard, developed by Google and powered by LaMDA, represents a text-to-text generative AI chatbot specifically designed to produce human-like responses to natural language prompts. This capability enables Bard to effectively engage in conversations with humans.



OpenAI's moderation models are machine learning models specifically created to support content moderation activities. These models are designed to aid in tasks such as the identification and removal of inappropriate or harmful content from online platforms.

Our AI Engineers Have In-depth Knowledge in Developing AI Application in Following Categories

Hire AI Engineers

Marketing: AI for Real Time Data

  • We create apps to aid companies in marketing and sales. Our approach involves utilizing real-time data, web data, historical purchase data, and app usage data to forecast user behavior and buying decisions.
    Stay updated on consumer trends
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of your customers
  • Engage in real-time conversations with consumers

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Retail Sales: AI for Voice and Image Search

  • We specialize in creating voice-enabled applications tailored for retailers of all sizes, ranging from small to mid-size and enterprise businesses.
  • Enhanced Customer Support through Chatbots
  • Virtual Trial Rooms for a seamless shopping experience
  • Streamlined Operations for improved efficiency.
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AI in Healthcare

  • Our dedicated team of AI engineers develops cutting-edge applications specifically designed for healthcare companies, enhancing medical imaging, medical research, and patient risk identification.
  • Fast & Accurate Diagnostics for swift and precise medical assessments.
  • Reduction of Human Errors to ensure reliability and safety in healthcare processes.
  • Virtual Presence capabilities, enabling seamless remote interactions and support for medical professionals.

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Customer Support: AI for Natural Language

  • We integrate AI technology into customer support operations, developing applications that leverage natural language processing to identify issues and engage in automated conversations.
  • Elevated customer satisfaction rates due to efficient and effective support.
  • Automated conversations for streamlined interactions and faster issue resolution.

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Supply Chains: AI for Management

  • Our skilled AI engineers assist companies in enhancing transparency throughout the supply chain, ensuring ecosystem security, and automating warehouse and logistics operations.
  • Warehouse Automation for increased efficiency and productivity.
  • Logistics Process Automation to optimize the movement of goods and streamline distribution.

Hire AI Engineers

Financial Service: AI Enables Intelligent Processing

  • Our team specializes in creating intelligent applications for personal finance, empowering users to manage savings and investments effectively through automated payments and enhanced budget planning.
  • Automated Report Generation for Monthly Investments, providing valuable insights into investment progress.
  • Consolidated Bill Tracking for different cards within a single application, simplifying payment management.

Hire Our AI Engineers

When you submit an inquiry and engage with us to discuss your project requirements, we provide you with the CVs of our AI engineers who possess the specific skill set your project demands. After reviewing and shortlisting the CVs of AI engineers you are interested in, you can conduct interviews with them. Once an engineer meets your requirements and qualifications, you have the option to hire them for your project, and they become an extension of your team, working dedicatedly to meet your objectives.

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