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We help educational institutions transform their learning methods to meet the problems of interacting, educating, learning and monitoring that will face them in the future.


Customized EdTech Software App Development

Educational institutions are switching from traditional learning to Edtech Solutions because of living classes via video streaming, remote monitoring, increased flexibility, and higher information retention at lower prices. For educational institutions worldwide, we create bespoke and end-to-end EdTech Apps.

Our EdTech Solutions Include

Real-Time Analytics and Reporting management Software

We create educational technology that allows educational institutions to track students' and teachers' performance and all activity data. The software creates insightful data that may be used to boost productivity.

Staff/Teacher Management software

We create staff management solutions that assist schools in managing faculty schedules and attendance, sending class reminders to employees, providing a curriculum for a given grade, and managing leaves.

Real-time Collaboration and Video Communication

For e-learning, corporate training, online evaluations, and group collaboration, we develop WebRTC-based, highly customized scheduling and virtual meeting solutions.

Educational App Development

We build dynamic and student-friendly mobile apps with novel features like video-calling, live classrooms, and animated graphics for improved learning using technologies like React Native and Xamarin.

Content Creation and Management Software

We create a robust content management system that allows lecturers and administrators to contribute various media, including videos, photos, animated graphics, GIFs, and audio. Faculty members can upload content in a variety of formats using interactive plugins.

LMS Integration and Customization

To improve students' learning experiences, we integrate third-party applications or tools such as virtual classrooms, voice-based communication, and digital blackboards.

Remote Proctoring

We create cutting-edge assessment and remote proctoring solutions seamlessly with your learning management systems (LMS).
Developing online test apps, biometric security solutions, and web-based mock test applications are all part of our assessment and grading software services.

VR/AR-enabled Education solutions

Our VR/AR capabilities open up new possibilities in the education industry. This technology is used in real-time cooperation and virtual learning for highly tailored recognition and lifelike behavior. To create virtual surroundings, we use computer vision and machine learning.

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We Are System Integrators For Educational Institutions

Learning Management System Software

We create Learning Management Software that allows students to receive learning content in videos, audio, texts, and animation.

SIS Software Development

We create SIS software, which helps educational institutions automate grading, assignment distribution, and other communications with students and parents.

Course Authoring Software

Course writing software can be integrated into ed-tech software, allowing businesses to create personalized courses for students.

Training Software Development

We integrate training software that allows staff and students to automate educational processes.


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